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Everything changed forever after the Google Panda update. People and business owners in the telescope industry realized that websites with bad structure and poor quality content will get them nowhere. Many businesses have been demolished and few others has survived Panda wreath somehow. Google changed an entire equation after releasing the Google Panda update. This way the web is becoming less clunky and users are paying more attention to website quality. After all, Google has to take some serious steps against the increasing crawler cost. What would you do in this scenario? Well, here are some of the best SEO tips post Panda update that you must follow to bulletproof your telescope website from any future algorithm update.

Website Structure

While many people still blame the content for Panda wreath, they often forget that the poor website structure has led to the problem. This is a glaring issue in telescope eCommerce and WordPress powered websites. WordPress creates a separate page for each category and tags you attach to the article which creates a long list of duplicate pages along with the original page. Almost similar issue is carried by eCommerce website as well.

website structure

Subpages and Archives

Even, this is a part of website structure issue, but is prominently present on most of the platform. While subpages are a necessary evil, website developers often forget to supplement proper meta tags to avoid duplicate content indexation. Subpages, author archive, and category subpages are some of the examples where such issues are present. If you take care of this, you’re half way to winning the battle.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is caused by multiple factors. A few factors are mentioned above. Besides that, lack of content and writing on the same subject also leads to a duplicate content issue. A care should be taken to thwart duplicate content as much as possible, especially when there are so many products in the telescope niche that are similar.

Poor Quality

Gone are the days of 200-300 word posts which provides next to no information. If you’re running out of ideas, then stop writing altogether. Take your time in researching the content before you hit a publish button next time. Always aim to provide anything above 500-600 words.

Hunt Down Culprits

Google panda affected blog owners do not know where to start from. Instead of deleting the content based on your intuition, let the data speak. Go to Google Analytics and sort out the posts based on low traffic. Remove those posts or redirect them to appropriate pages or rewrite them. For an excellent breakdown in using Google Analytics, I suggest you check out Scott over at https://scottkeeverseo.com/ for some tips and helpful guides.

The second tool you should use is screamingfrog. Screamingfrog will give you a good insight about your content and its quality. Sort out the articles based on their content length and try to remove the posts below 400 words count. This is the best tool to find out lower quality content on your blog or website.

Telescope (and Ecommerce in general) website owners have a long way to go. They perhaps need more data to find out the issues on their website.

Internal Links

Poor internal linking and no anchor text variation can also lead to Panda penalty. Many users use automated tools to internal link posts which is a wrong strategy. While there is nothing wrong in reducing the workload, such tactics lead to poor anchor text variation and makes your blog look spammy. Over optimization is one more reason why Google penalizes your blog.

Overall, getting more traffic to your telescope site, whether it’s a blog or store, is a gradual process. However, if you implement the strategies laid out here, you’ll be well on your way to getting more traffic and sales!

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